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Catalog Management Systems (CMS)

We provide a Microsoft Windows based multimedia enhanced automotive parts catalog development and publishing system. Solenium's Talking Pictures is the most powerful automotive content management system in the industry. Talking Pictures satisfies catalog data management, electronic catalog data, and print requirements. For information click here.

Data Mapping Services

With the many standards used in our industry, service providers must have the ability to meet a variety of customer data needs. Solenium's Data Mapping Services offers mapping to ACES, AAIA Legacy, Wrenchead, Activant, PIES, and many more. For more information click here.

Digital Imaging Services
Our experience in the Automotive industry gives us the ability to capture, process, and manage digital part images in a fast, cost effective way. We can produce your images at a rate almost 30% faster than conventional in-house or in-studio methods at an average cost reduction of 25%. For more information click here.
Enterprise Management

Auto-Mate is a specialized computer software system designed for the automotive parts remanufacturing and parts distribution industry. It has evolved over the last 10 years to satisfy the automotive jobber, rebuilder, remanufacturer, and distributor. For more information click here.

C.L.A.S.S is an easy to use Windows based information Management system that enables the user to be in control of customer service in the Construction Industry. For more information click here.