PIES-compliant Product Data Aggregation & Delivery

PieSync is a product data management solution that helps automotive aftermarket companies efficiently aggregate, validate and publish product information in PIES format – the aftermarket’s universal standard for product data delivery.

Features & Benefits

Regularly aggregate product data in multiple formats, from disparate systems across your organization Ensure your staff and customers have access to all the most accurate and up-to-date product information
Easily and efficiently manage and validate all your aggregated product information Maximize application coverage, minimize data redundancy and ensure full PIES compliance
Deliver product information in PIES files customized to individual trading partners’ specific requirements Efficiently supply your customers with the PIES-compliant data they need, in the formats they request
Seamlessly integrate your product information into the Talking Pictures Content Management System (CMS) Manage and publish all your product data in the most advanced CMS available to the automotive aftermarket

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