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Talking Pictures Helps Dayco Products Optimize Efficiency, Maximize Coverage & Grow Sales

Dayco consolidates application data & product information into a single, universally accessible Content Management System

Dayco is a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket and OEM belt, hose, tensioner, timing components, and pulley parts. The company has been doing business for over 100 years. Today, Dayco employs a workforce of around 5,000 people, at locations across the globe.

Solenium Group's Talking Pictures CMS allowed Dayco to optimize efficiency across its departments and locations and to maximize coverage opportunities for existing products. This has empowered the company to grow its product lines and significantly increase its sales, without having to hire additional staff.

Why Dayco Needed a Centralized CMS

Data Located Across Multiple Systems

Dayco's application data and product information was spread across various systems. For example, Product Management (including cataloging) used a separate system from Product Development (research and engineering), making it practically impossible to share vital product information in a timely manner. Departments were spending more time tackling data issues than on growing sales.

Missing Application Coverage

Both Product Management and Product Development were having difficulty accessing the data they needed in order to identify additional applications for existing products or opportunities to add new products. Consequently, the catalog data distributed to trading partners had incomplete application coverage and Dayco was missing sales opportunities.

Inefficient Electronic Data Delivery Systems

To deliver electronic catalog data, Dayco engaged service providers that could convert their data into the formats trading partners demanded. This was costly and caused delays in getting valuable data to the market. Bob Waibel, Dayco's Director of Product Management noted: "To do business effectively in the Aftermarket today, you need an efficient way to store, access, and deliver to customers the data they need in the formats they want and as quickly as possible."

Inefficient Print Catalog Production Methods

As data was scattered across multiple systems, the company found it difficult to audit print catalog information before it was sent to the printer. This led to considerable back and forth with the printer whenever errors were identified causing delays to market and increasing costs.

Talking Pictures for Integrated Content Management

It was clear that integrating Dayco's product and application data into a single system, accessible throughout the organization, would help address many of these challenges. After creating a detailed list of requirements, Dayco's Product Management team began researching content management solutions designed for the aftermarket.

After extensive evaluation, Solenium's Talking Pictures was chosen as the solution that best satisfied Dayco's requirements. Additionally, Solenium was identified as a long-term solutions partner that Dayco could rely on to keep up with the industry's ever-changing data requirements.

The Talking Pictures system was initially deployed in 2002. Adoption was swift throughout the organization. Bob Waibel said: "The great majority of our staff, across departments and locations, accepted Talking Pictures very enthusiastically. Customer Service and Logistics, in particular, adopted it very quickly indeed."

The quick adoption of Talking Pictures throughout Dayco's North American departments and locations quickly created significant efficiencies across the organization. This helped Dayco address all the major challenges it was facing with managing, sharing, distributing and publishing product information and application data.

Maximizing the Value of Content Across the Organization

Managing Application Data & Product Information in a Single System

Talking Pictures allowed Dayco to create a single, centralized repository of product information and application data. Bryan Clements, Dayco's Catalog Manager, said: "With Talking Pictures, all our data can be accessed in real time, from a single system, from anywhere in the company. This has been a huge benefit for our business."

Maximizing Application Coverage

Talking Pictures has helped Dayco provide more comprehensive data on the applications their parts fit. Bryan Clements explained: "Talking Pictures makes it easy to identify gaps in coverage. By filling these gaps, we have helped customers increase sales for existing products. In fact, we were recently able to help one of our largest customers nearly double their sales on one of our product lines."

Increasing the Efficiency of Product Research & Development

Talking Pictures' also streamlined the process of product research and development. Bob Waibel said: "Talking Pictures makes it easy for us to identify and prioritize the parts we need to manufacture. It has allowed us to grow our product lines by over 20%, without increasing research and development manpower."

Efficiently Delivering Electronic Catalog Data

Talking Pictures has empowered Dayco to deliver electronic data in the formats trading partners require without needing a third party to prepare the data. Mr Clements stated: "With Talking Pictures we can output industry-compliant data files in-house and efficiently satisfy complex data requirements."

Creating High-quality Print Catalogs in House

Talking Pictures has made it possible for Dayco to create print catalog templates and fully audit catalog data before it goes to the printer. Mr Clements commented: "The process is at least 50% faster now and much more accurate. The quality of the catalogs we are producing has improved and our production costs have dropped significantly."

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The Challenge

Operational Efficiency
Dayco's application data and product information was located in multiple separate databases across multiple departments and locations

Application Coverage
Existing systems did not allow Dayco to efficiently audit application coverage in order to identify missing coverage opportunities

Product Development & Engineering
Disparate data systems made it difficult for Dayco to access and use research data across departments and to get new products to market quickly.

Delivering Electronic Data
Third-party vendors were required to convert electronic data into formats requested by trading partners.

Publishing Print Catalogs
Preparing catalogs for print required the use of a third party typesetting service to get the pages typeset and ready for the printer.

The Solution

Dayco deployed Solenium's Talking Pictures Content Management System as the single, centralized system for application and product information

The system was quickly adopted by staff in multiple departments, including Engineering, Product Management, Customer Service, Logistics, and Sales.

The Benefits

Increased Efficiency Across the Organization
Talking Pictures has become Dayco's single source of data accessible across departments and locations. Data sharing and management is now fast and efficient and productivity has increased significantly across departments.

Increased Coverage for Existing Products
With Talking Pictures, Dayco it is easier to identify new applications for existing products, empowering the company to maximize coverage and grow sales, without increasing manpower.

Expanded Product Lines by 20%
Dayco's Product Development & Research department has been able to efficiently research and successfully introduce new product lines, without hiring additional staff.

Improved Ability to Deliver Electronic Data
Dayco can now deliver up-to-date, accurate and industry-compliant electronic data, customized to trading partners' specific requirements, creating many new sales opportunities.

Optimized Print Catalog Publishing Procedures
Print catalogs are now fully prepared and audited in house before they are sent to the printer, saving time and money, while significantly increasing the accuracy and quality of the catalogs.

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