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  • Dayco Products on Talking Pictures

    "Talking Pictures allows Dayco’s catalog, engineering and marketing staff in separate locations to access a single, central database. This reduces data redundancy and duplication of effort, maximizing productivity and efficiency."

    Bob Waibel, Director of Product Management, Dayco Products

  • IMC on Talking Pictures

    "Talking Pictures has transformed IMC in so many ways – from managing hundreds of suppliers’ data, to expanding coverage, to efficiently servicing eCats, program groups, retailers and etailers. Since we implemented Talking Pictures, our sales have increased significantly."

    - Brian Griffin, Head of Catalog Management, IMC

  • King-o-Matic on Talking Pictures

    "King-o-Matic has been a Solenium customer for over 25 years and we’ve used Talking Pictures since it was launched. Talking Pictures has allowed us to publish catalog data in a snap and has proven to be an invaluable tool for validating data and increasing sales by maximizing application coverage."

    - Darrel Gallant, Vice President, King-o-Matic Industries Limited

  • Perfection Clutch on Talking Pictures

    "The Talking Pictures program provides us with a single data storage warehouse that gives us the ability to export our data to multiple formats. This feature, along with the image utility, provides us with a complete cataloging resource that supports data exchange with our trading partners."

    - Frank Stramaglia, Catalog Manager, Perfection Clutch

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